Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Breakfast Sandwiches

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE summer!  Reason #213... Breakfast sandwiches on the grill!  Yes, on the grill!  Living in Ohio, we can only makes these on the grill in the warmer months (we have tried to make them indoors and they just are not the same :( ...) maybe that makes them a bit more special to eat and enjoy in the summer.  This is definitely a timing recipe with adding and flipping ingredients on the grill.  You can make your breakfast sandwiches any way you like.  Biscuits with sausage and/or  bacon, eggs and cheese is our favorite combo. 

We were ecstatic on our last trip to the grocery to find Pillsbury is making the Grand's Corn Biscuit again! (Mr. Allpinkroses found them and showed me, I believe I did an actual jig in the grocery- I'm sure the older couple in the same isle suspected I was nuts!!).  They are labeled as "new", however, they are actually a come back.  SO excited!!!  If you have never had the corn version, they are great in this recipe. They add a sweetness to the sandwiches we couldn't replicate without the corn biscuit. Did I say I was excited?  

Items you will need:

A grill
Muffin tin 
Cooking spray
A knife (if you are forming your own sausage patties)
Kitchen shears (if you are using bacon)


Canned biscuits
Meat (sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, etc.)
Cheese slices (American works well)
Black pepper

Here we go!  😁

Prepare your sausage patties, if you are using sausage.  I buy bulk sausage and shape my own patties.   We prefer Jimmy Dean's regular sausage and it's cheaper than prepared patties. 

If you are using bacon, you can cut the package in half. I find it easier to handle the bacon slices if they are cut in half.  

I use my kitchen shears to cut the package in half, vertically. The other half will fit nicely in a plastic bag if you are not using the whole package. 

Using cooking spray to spray each well of your muffin tin. (Stick, pardon the pun, with me here...).  You know those fast food breakfast sandwiches?  This is how your eggs will turn out. Add one cracked egg to each well in your muffin tin. Season your eggs. 

Side note here... See the vegetable oil in the back ground?  Didn't work too well in place of the cooking spray. Middle Pinkrose is still soaking the pan to get the egg off the pan. 

So, we should be ready to head out to the grill. 

Place your choice of meat on the grill. (I haven't tried Canadian bacon, I would imagine you would be basically heating that through.)  We have an additional half-rack on our grill, in this case, the meat goes on the main grid. 

Half way through cooking the sausage and/or bacon (approximately 8-10 minutes, or until the meat begins to brown), you will add your biscuits and eggs to the half rack and flip the meat. 

Cook everything for another 3-4 minutes (or when your biscuits begin to brown), flip your biscuits (and check your eggs and meat).  

Continue to cook everything for approximately 3-4 minutes or until your eggs and biscuits are ready. 

Remove everything from the grill. 

Assemble yout sandwich as you like and ENJOY!!! 

I'm ready for breakfast again! 😁

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